OJP Logo Story

Orange Jersey Project Logo

The Orange Jersey Project Logo was created, in part, by Shayne Hommy whose design was the Official Orange Shirt Day Design for 2021. At the time Shayne won, Shayne was a Grade 11 First Nation Cree student at South Peace Secondary School, in Dawson Creek.  Her design means justice and awareness for Indigenous people. It features three little Indigenous girls from different tribes, holding hands to represent the unity of our people, (Indigenous peoples) resilience and strength throughout the many years of suffering Indigenous peoples had to face.

After Shayne won, she received a cash prize and signed over rights, including Copyright, to the Society. In 2022, the Society copyrighted this design and trademarked it as the OJP Logo. The design was slightly altered before it became the OJP Logo, with the words “Orange Jersey Project” along the outside and the words Every Child Matters in the background.

We thank Shayne Hommy for allowing us to copyright and trademark her design for OJP!

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